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With over 50 years of combined success working on Fortune 500 brands, non-profits and startups, we established a strong foothold in the design arena. Drawing from past experience in the corporate and agency business perspectives we understand the expectations of today’s industrious clients and demanding consumers.

These proven successes helped forge Wishbone Design Factory, a creative factory, that offers a comprehensive diverse portfolio of creative and production services.


At Wishbone we thrive on being open, honest and collaborating with our clients. 


Communicate. Whether we’re creating or evolving a brand we insist upon open, candid, and frequent collaboration. After all, a vision is best realized when it’s shared.

Be humble. We’ll never know our client’s brand, product or service as well as our client does. Our job is to collaborate, learn, address challenges and then apply our expertise in branding, marketing and advertising to achieve our client’s goals. We champion a team approach and offer complete operational transparency every step of the way.

Acknowledge team victories. We make time to acknowledge hard work and project milestones. Every collaborative project has its challenges, but surmounting those challenges and celebrating them as team victories is what builds lasting professional relationships.

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